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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cheap Flights, Low Fares Searching Guides

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Dear Readers, one thing that usually makes us suffer stress when searching for cheap flights on the net is the fact that there are too many travel agents sites across the globe. If we go from one site to another, it could be wasting time, confusing, and we could be failed to get the best deals then.

To avoid those bad things falling on you, I give you some tips for searching cheap flights, cheap airline tickets. It includes the followings:

- Get-in to a leading travel comparison search site that provides a simple way to search multiple online travel destinations, as well as multiple top travel sites, so that you can compare site-by-site in order to find the latest, the best deals.

- Make sure that the site mentioned above can be easily accessed in seconds, and free of charge.

- With whom it partners with in case of airlines, hotels, car rentals agency, insurance, etc, should be considered too.

- You may also find out information about its reputation, experience. It usually can be seen at “About Us” page. Check its availability if any!

It's that simple. Isn't it?

Well. I hope that all to the good.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Ambarawa Railway Museum_Historical Silent Pictures

Dear Readers, if someday you may visit The Ambarawa Railway Museum in The Central Java, Indonesia, please never forget to take a look at some old pictures stored here. There are at least two black – white old pictures that you can find at the museum as seen below. Those pictures are hanging on the wall of its stationmaster’s office.

Although these pictures are apparently valuable, but unfortunately, there’s no explanation about these pictures, such as time, location these pictures to be taken, its photographer, as well as who are in the pictures, etc. Because of these reasons, I said here that these are “The Ambarawa Railway Museum's historical silent pictures”. What do you think about this?

Nevertheless, one thing delighting is that these two pictures are still clear enough to be seen. One picture shows a large numbers of people, comprised with children, youths, as well as oldsters, posed in a properly arranged position. Most of them wear white clothes. The one other picture shows two men (foreigners?) posed in white uniform.

I’m not so sure whether these pictures were taken at The Ambarawa Railway Museum many years ago, or taken at other places. Someday, I’ll make it sure. Whenever I finish, I will update this article as soon as possible.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tips for Transforming Your Credit Score into Amazing Unsecured Personal Loans

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Concerned with such an issue, I hereby have some tips for you:

- Choose an unsecured personal loans provider that gives a clear, explicit, distinct explanation about its proprietary process.

- Take a deeper attention to this process, whether it indicates a good commitment or not. A good commitment can be seen in their willingness to give you assistance as well as advice in resolving approval conditions if and when they come up.

Consider my tips above when you are going to build unsecured personal loans in order to achieve the best possible results given your unique situation.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sisa-sisa Peninggalan Belanda di RSU Ambarawa

Di sebelah timur Museum Kereta Api Ambarawa, kira-kira berjarak satu kilo meter, di sana berdiri Rumah Sakit Umum Ambarawa (RSU Ambarawa).

Bila kita perhatikan, terutama pada bangunan sebelah belakang, di
Rumah Sakit Umum Ambarawa (RSU Ambarawa) masih jelas nampak adanya sisa-sisa atau bekas-bekas peninggalan sejarah penjajah Belanda, yakni bentuk bangunan dan adanya bangunan seperti bekas Kapel (gereja kecil).

Meskipun pada menara "bekas Kapel" tersebut sudah tidak ada lagi salib, tetapi pada kaca jendela sebelah barat masih terdapat tanda salib ciri khas gereja Katholik. Hal ini bisa dilihat pada foto sebelah ini yg saya ambil pada bulan April 2009.

Menurut penuturan orang yg saya temui pada saat saya memotret tsb, konon katanya rumah sakit umum Ambarawa ini adalah rumah sakit swasta peninggalan Belanda yg dikelola oleh yayasan Katholik, tetapi kemudian diambil alih pemerintah sekitar tahun 1950-an.

Masih menurut Bapak yang berbicara kepada saya tadi, dulu katanya gedung yg mirip Kapel tsb memang sebuah Kapel. Dan, waktu dia masih kecil, dia masih melihat adanya Gua Maria di sebelah Kapel tsb, yakni tepat pada posisi tempat tiang bendera sekarang ini berdiri (liha foto).

Apakah sisa-sisa sejarah peninggalan penjajah Belanda di rumah sakit umum Ambarawa ini akan lenyap karena memang tidak ada niat untuk melestarikannya?

Atau akan dirawat dan dipertahankan sebagai sebuah cagar budaya (heritage) yg memiliki nilai sejarah tinggi untuk kemaslahatan masyarakat banyak?

Kita tunggu saja, atau kita musti bertindak?
Memangnya siapa yg masih peduli pada obyek wisata yg jaraknya tidak jauh dari Museum Kereta Api Ambarawa ini?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Travel Bloggers' Contest of Dreams

Once upon a time in ‘The Bloggers’ Land of Dream’, The Queen of Bloggers invites hundreds travel Bloggers throughout the world to get on together in a very representative hall at a New Orleans hotel. Why New Orleans? The reason is that, although they are homogenous travel Bloggers, but in fact, they are multicultural and multilingual. And, New Orleans is a city reflecting on the same thing, as well as the most unique city in America. The other reason is that we can suit our budget, since there are many cheap New Orleans Hotels here. The Ambarawa Railway Museum.
“You are not a Blogger, if you have no dream!” The queen said. “I invite you here to join in this contest, The Contest of Travel Bloggers’ Dream. Here’s the rule of the game!” She added.
“Every Blogger should make a dream, the crazier the better. And, the prize for the winner who can realize the selected craziest dream is: He or she will be released from this craziness world to be sent to the real world. Now, it’s time for you to write down your dream then give it to me as soon as possible, since I have to choose the craziest one.” She gives a command. The Ambarawa Railway Museum.
We wrote down our own dreams then submitted it. Several times later she announced: “This is the craziest dream you must follow, that is “Free Fall”, free fall from the top of The Niagara Falls. Are you ready, Bloggers?”
“Yes!” I said loudly, since it’s my dream.
“Well. Prepare your self. We’re going to the Niagara Falls, soon. I will provide all accommodation in Niagara Falls we need. Don’t worry!” The Queen explains.
Coming to The Niagara Falls, as it’s promised before, all accommodation in Niagara Falls are already prepared, such as Falls-view hotels, Bed and Breakfast, etc. I really enjoy the milieu, ambience, as well as atmosphere here. And, the time is finally come. We must perform a free fall from the top of the Niagara Falls.
We all marched at the top of the bank of the Niagara Falls
“Are you ready for free fall, Bloggers?” The Queen shouts loudly.
“Yesss….!!!” Bloggers replies.
“Well. 3… 2… 1…. Go….!!!!” The Queen gives a command.
“Zzeee..hhewww…!!!!!” We then jump to the river for a free fall. I really enjoy this craziness. But, unfortunately….. Bang…..!!!! My head hits a big stone under the river. When, suddenly I wake up from my sleep. Oh my God. It’s just a bad dream. Nonetheless, Thanks God for sending me to the Real World back, though my head still dizzy. The Ambarawa Railway Museum.
The Ambarawa Railway Museum. Museum Kereta Api Ambarawa.